Uneven Skin Tone – Chest

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Uneven Skin Tone - Chest

Customized Treatment Plan for Uneven Skin Tone on the Chest at Olive Tree Med Spa:

1. Peels: Start with a TCA peel to help with overall skin tone and texture.

2. Customized Skin Care Regimen: Cleanse twice daily with a gentle cleanser, apply a vitamin C serum twice daily, and use a gentle retinol cream at night to help improve skin tone.

3. Oral Collagen: Take a collagen supplement to help improve elasticity in the skin.

4. Sculptra: Inject Sculptra into the chest to help plump the skin and improve uneven skin tone.

5. Radiesse Dilute: Use Radiesse dilute to help fill in any deep wrinkles and creases on the chest.

6. Microneedling: Use a microneedling device to help stimulate collagen production and improve texture.

7. IPL: Utilize an IPL device to help reduce uneven pigmentation on the chest.

8. Zaffiro Skin Tightening: Use Zaffiro Skin Tightening to help tighten loose skin and improve overall texture.